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Tokyo: Waiting - Q2

In occasion of the recently announced Leica Q2 camera, Leica Camera Australia and Melbourne-based street photographer Jesse Marlow set off for Japan - one of the world's most fast-paced environments, to take a moment, slow down and observe.

Shot over six days in Tokyo + Kyoto, we followed Jesse around the lesser-known parts of two visually foreign cities, to document his photographic process and craft.

Tokyo: Waiting – The Collection

"From a distance, it [Japan] always seemed so familiar yet so foreign, so serene yet so frenetic and this contrast has always intrigued me. The challenge for me as a photographer, was to try and discover my own version of this iconic land."
– Jesse Marlow

The streets of Tokyo and Kyoto provided the ideal backdrop for Jesse’s ongoing search for bold colour, graphic compositions and reflective moments.

View Jesse Marlow’s complete collection taken with the Leica Q2.

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